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Artbomb Curators

Carrie Shibinsky — Toronto

Carrie Shibinsky started Artbomb, December, 2011 with Jim Shedden and Andrea Carson Barker. After working for 20 years at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Carrie wanted to stay connected to the art world and believed that artists lacked vehicles to help them promote and profile their work. Carrie created Artbomb to give artists a fresh new marketing strategy for more exposure. Artbomb has created a new way for busy professionals to connect with original, unique works of art daily.

Vanessa Lentz — East Coast

Steeped in a rich brew of Cape Breton values and traditions, and armed with an insatiable hunger for authentic experiences, Vanessa is pursuing her passion in Nova Scotia. She graduated from the Photography program at the Holland College Centre of Creative Arts in Prince Edward Island. Currently working in Marketing, Vanessa has learned the strength and messaging power of strong imagery – whether it be traditional art, photography or new media. She is currently the photographer for a Canadian home decor retailer. Vanessa is actively involved in her community teaching youth the basics of photography. When she is not playing with cameras, you can find her living with her husband and daughter on their hobby farm just outside of Halifax.

Laura Wallace — West Coast

With an early background in editorial and commercial illustration, Laura’s personal medium is screen printing. Laura is involved with local community theatre and set design.

Margaret Lipsey — Montréal

Margaret is an acrylic abstract artist living outside of Montreal. Her work is highly textured, multi-layered, and reflect her minimalist aesthetic. Margaret’s approach to her creative process is a playful exploration of the interaction between paint, palette knives, and brushes. She is best known for her Women of Strength series, which she says, “They are not me, nor are they women that I know and yet they are me and they are every woman that I know. The works are unique and carry the life force of the women that inspire us, the ones who push us to be more, to dream bigger, and to aim higher.”

Sonia Vezina — Ottawa

Ottawa artist Sonia Vezina is a talented abstract painter who uses both oils and acrylics. Her popular and unique style of painting allows the viewer to find things that remind themselves of something they love --some see a quiet beach in the middle of the ocean ---- some a healed scar. Each colourful work mingles powerful movement with emotional expression. Sonia is a seasoned professional with many connections in the local art scene. She is excited to showcase Ottawa's talented artists on the world stage.

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