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Curator Contacts

Artist Submission Process

  • SUBMIT YOUR WORK! You may submit paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, drawing and mixed media for consideration by contacting the ArtBomb curator closest to your region.
  • Please send a link to your website and/or low resolution images of your work with titles and sizes. Please put “ArtBomb” in the subject line.
  • ArtBomb is simple: all marketing, transactions and delivery are done for you. It’s a vehicle to access thousands of potential buyers, and create awareness among a targeted, culturally-minded group of people. It’s an exclusive, singular 24-hour profile directed at thousands of people in the focused environment of their personal computers, smart phones and tablets.
  • ArtBomb is an exciting, proven way for artists to expose - and sell - their work and for collectors to access fresh new talent. A carefully curated online auction, ArtBomb features some of Canada’s most talked about artists.
  • The ArtBomb project ( was started in Toronto and its overwhelming success there prompted expansion across Montreal, Vancouver and Atlantic Canada. There are many services that sell art online, ArtBomb is the only service in the world that brings a piece of the art world to your inbox everyday. This service is ideal for busy professionals who don’t have time to sift through thousands of images online or go to galleries regularly, but wish to want to own original artwork.
  • Here's how it works: Every day thousands of ArtBomb subscribers receive an email featuring one specially selected work. There's a starting bid, and bidding is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. At the end of the day, the highest bid wins the piece, which is delivered and ready to hang, direct to the buyer.Every Friday, cheques are cut for artists that sold that week and work is packaged and sent to buyers.
  • This dynamic online gallery changes every day. ArtBomb curators know the local art scene and comb galleries, shows and studios looking for fresh new work to display. Featured art includes paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, drawing and mixed media.
  • ArtBomb does the leg-work for busy prospective buyers, exposing them to works they might not otherwise find. And it is convenient and easy for artists, allowing them to focus on creating their work. ArtBomb takes care of the rest - curating, photographing, shipping and displaying the art. Artists and clients and can register at
  • ArtBomb is not responsible for any future sales or public relations of any artist other than the initial transaction agreed upon.
  • ArtBomb fee is 50% and is non-negotiable and is taken upfront off final bid or cost of work.
  • All work must be ready to hang
  • All work must be in perfect condition, no scuffs or rough edges.


  • Each artist will choose one to two works in consultation with ArtBomb curator.
  • The artist will then be responsible for delivering the work to each curator in perfect, ready to hang condition. (no scuffs or nicks on any corners)
  • The artist will set a starting bid in consultation with ArtBomb Curator.
  • The artist will submit a completed and signed agreement.
  • The artist agrees to collect any unsold work within 30 days of the auction date.We are not a storage facility, we do not have room to keep works past 30 days.
  • The artist will email a short bio and artwork information to Carrie Shibinsky at
  • The artist will help spread the word about ArtBomb and their auction. The artist will share or post on SM platforms. The artist will provide some contact names and email addresses of supporters, colleagues, family, or friends who love art! The artist will obtain permission to pass these names to Carrie Shibinsky — to add to the ArtBomb database to receive the daily auctions.


  • ArtBomb curator, will assist with the selection of one to two works for auction.
  • ArtBomb curator, will assist with setting the opening bid.
  • ArtBomb, will professionally photograph each work for presentation to buyers.
  • ArtBomb will schedule the auction date.
  • ArtBomb will handle all aspects of the purchase transaction.
  • ArtBomb will promote the auction through its website, social media sites and a daily e-mail to over 18,000 subscribers.
  • ArtBomb will continually add names of potential buyers to the ArtBomb database.
  • ArtBomb curator, will package and ship sold pieces within one week of the auction date.
  • ArtBomb curator, will use FedEx as the courier of choice for shipping sold works.


  • Payments to artists will reflect the final bid less the 50% ArtBomb commission.
  • The ArtBomb commission (50% of the final bid) is non-negotiable.
  • ArtBomb will review sales and issue payment promptly.


  • ArtBomb maintains your privacy and will not share contact details with third parties.


  • ArtBomb maintains an image bank of available works on the ArtBomb website.
  • ArtBomb is not responsible for any future sales, public relations or marketing of any artist outside of the initial transaction agreed upon.

Bidding is open every day, 6am - 11pm EST (3am - 8pm PST). Works are delivered anywhere, ready to hang.