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West Coast

Dog Star Champions,
Lyle Schultz (2015)

acrylic & Collage on canvas
36in × 24in × 1.5in — 8.5lb

"Lyle Schultz’s paintings are a maelstrom of images and scratches, furious and open, the pictures a window into a mind that is furiously working, a plethora of cartoon madness and pop art motifs running rampant in vibrant colours and bold mark making. This is a life laid bare, the expression of an artist living to a rhythm of his own making, a riff that sucks in everything contemporary culture throws its way; film, comics, advertising, graffiti, and reinventing it, re-appropriating it, creating a new pictorial language that echoes the work of De Kooning, Basquiat and Grosz, all artists who railed against the status quo, took the outsider in, never moved an inch, fought for their space and demanded to be heard. Schultz’s paintings reflect a modern world in which visual saturation is at breaking point, his work a distillation of the tsunami of images that hurtle through our screens, from the pages of magazines. Everything is here, everything is for sale, our lives imprisoned in a gonzoland of farce and materiality, it is a place that Schultz frenetically describes over and over again, each mark a wake up call, a realization, an indictment, an attempt to strip away the artifice and indulge in a little bit of magic."

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