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Risk of Being Complicated,
Lorette Luzajic (2014)

mixed media
48in × 36in × 1.5in — 10lb

"The more you look, the more you see". Toronto artist Lorette C. Luzajic uses the phrase “mixed up media” to describe her style, which moves beyond collage to feature a vast array of materials and methods and an assortment of sources, inspirations, and appropriations. Her visual work and writing both draw from art, literature, music, history, religion, and other human ideas. With trademark jocose irreverence, she mixes up allusions to high art and classic literature with references to and techniques from mass marketed culture. "Each of Luzajic’s pictures is a valediction to everything banal, turgid and homogenous in our culture. Instead they are a party, a riot, a celebration of all that we hold dear. Most of all it is a homage to human creativity." Moray Mair, writer"

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